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SHS Mobile Medical Unit Provides Help on the Streets

By Leah Murry, Community Outreach Coordinator At Swope Health Services, we’re committed to helping homeless people who struggle day-to-day living on the streets of Kansas City. Our solution is a program of outreach to the homeless, featuring a mobile medical unit that visits homeless shelters and missions three days a week. The Mobile Medical Unit […]

Thank You, Medical Assistants!

by LeAna Champion, Director of Nursing, Swope Health Services Here’s a shout out to all the Medical Assistants at Swope Health Services (SHS), just in time for Medical Assistants Recognition Week, October 19-23, 2015. At SHS, our 45 Medical Assistants, or MAs for short, work in all of our clinics performing clinical and administrative duties, […]

Health Insurance Open Enrollment Is Coming

When the Swope Health Services Outreach & Enrollment team launched in 2013, the department set a goal of about 7,600 encounters. Each encounter is a meeting with someone who had questions about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), what insurance subsidies are available, or how to sign up for insurance and other benefits. Now, more than […]

Food Safety Tips for the Summer

By Britney Lesher Let’s have a picnic! One of the great joys of summer is spending mealtimes outdoors, whether at a campsite, park or in your backyard. There are just a few things to remember to prevent food poisoning and make sure your food is safe and healthy wherever you are: Start with clean hands! Wash […]

Summer Water Safety: What You Need to Know

Hot sun. Humid, sticky air. Heat everywhere. Where’s relief? At the pool! Or at a natural body of water, like a river or a lake. Good choices, but even better if you are prepared to avoid risks of drowning or water injuries. What’s the risk? You might be surprised to learn that, according to the […]

Tips for Preventing Heat Illness This Summer

Summer in Kansas City officially arrived on June 21. Time for shorts, swim gear and outdoor activities! Enjoy the outdoors, but remember: Too much time in the sun can make you sick. Sticky and humid weather makes it hard for your body to release heat because your sweat can’t evaporate. The good news is that […]