National Health Center Week a Big Success!

Swope Health Services celebrated National Health Center Week, Aug. 14-18, with an array of activities and events designed to recognize the ways SHS serves as a foundation of health in our community.

SHS was joined by health centers across the country in showcasing the unique model of care that health centers exemplify.

Events focused on highlighting the ways in which health centers serve the true needs of their communities, recognizing the invaluable staff and board members that make health centers work, expressing appreciation for the support of elected officials, and celebrating health centers as the key to healthy communities.

Celia Ruiz with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan was at Swope Health Service’s clinic on Leavenworth Road in KCK. In addition to sharing information about the plan, she brought healthy snacks for patients and staff.

Here’s a rundown of some of the ways we at SHS specifically recognized the work to create healthier communities:

  • Third Annual Leadership Speakers’ program: SHS sponsored a luncheon seminar featuring Bill Colby, vice president and general counsel of Truman Medical Centers.
    Colby is the author of Long Goodbye: The Deaths of Nancy Cruzan, and his discussion focused on the landmark legal case that is the subject of that book.Colby and the audience explored key questions prompted by the Cruzan family’s experience, including What is the purpose of medicine? When do we use it? Does an individual’s right to life and liberty include a right to say when to stop medical treatment? These questions are prominent in situations healthcare providers face daily and led to a lively discussion.
  • SHS Night at the T-Bones: In the spirit of celebration, SHS associates were cheered at the Friday night game at the T-Bones baseball game.
  • Burgers & Brainteasers: SHS sponsored a fundraising trivia contest to generate support for the SHS Patients in Need fund. Once again, the event was a sell-out at the Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill.
  • Other activities during the jam-packed week included a pantry drive for our Homeless Outreach; the “thank a provider” partnership with UnitedHealthcare, complete with healthy treats for patients and staff; a pizza party from HomeStateHealth at SHS Central, and delivery of ice cream treats for associates all kept the appreciation theme in the forefront all week.

According to the national Health Center Advocacy Network, nearly 700 health centers held more than 1,800 events during the week of celebration. The activities included health screenings, appreciations for special populations and focus on children’s health. Nationwide, more than 80 members of Congress participated in National Health Center Week events.

You can be certain we’ll be back in the celebration again next year – National Health Center Week will be August 12-18, 2018!


Ice cream was part of the celebration for National Health Centers Week.


The Westport Flea Market was the scene of the Burgers & Brainteasers kickoff for the week’s events. The event supported the SHS Patients in Need Fund.

Bill Colby presented at the Third Annual Leadership Speakers’ program as part of the week’s celebration. The luncheon event included a book signing and discussion of the role of medicine.


SHS capped the week’s celebration with a night at the T-Bones!

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