How to pay

If you have an insurance card, present it at the time you register. If you are not insured, fees for services are based on your income. Charges may be reduced if you live on a limited income according to state and federal guidelines.

We collect annual income information so that we are able to determine a sliding fee scale if your insurance does not cover the full amount. Please be aware that non-covered services or insurance rejections due to non-eligibility will be transferred to self-pay.

To qualify for discounts, present the following information when you register, or within 30 days:

• Current proof of income
• An unemployment determination letter
• A notarized financial statement
• A post-marked piece of mail with your current address on it (within 10 days)

Your statement

We send statements monthly. You may pay by cash, check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, or through your insurance. At your request, our billing department will be glad to work out a convenient payment plan. Past due accounts may be referred to a collection agency.


Swope Health Services charges standard fees for medical, dental and behavioral health services, including prescriptions, dentures, eyeglasses and medical devices.

We also charge a service fee for each visit. Download our service fee guide. (Descargue nuestra guía de tarifas de servicio)

If you have any questions about your statement or our fees, call 816-923-5800.