WOOF! SHS Celebrates National Puppy Day!

You might think this is just an excuse to show some photos of adorable puppies.

So? You might be right.

On March 23, we used National Puppy Day as our reason to promote the health benefits that come to puppy owners.

For example, if you have a puppy, you’ll be taking a lot of walks and that’s great for your health. Walking helps you maintain a healthy weight and strengthen bones and muscles. If you have chronic illnesses, like diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, walking can help you manage your condition.

Puppies are also great for emotional support and fellowship. Puppies, known for unconditional love, can’t help but make people feel happier. The slogan for National Puppy Day sums it up: “No love like puppy love.”

The SHS Facebook page featured photos of the four-legged family members of SHS associates, including:

puppy 2957

Say hello to the elegant Copper Keller, who belongs to Michelle Keller, vice president of community engagement, development & outreach.


puppy 2954

Olive loves ice cream! She’s getting a treat from Dan Gillen, director of medical informatics.


puppy 2949

Toki and Winnie love to run! These beauties are owned by Vann Nicholson, SHS maintenance administrator.



puppy 2906

Sophie regularly joins our Amy Thiede, utilization manager, at SHS picnics.


puppy 2895

This noble creature is Henry, owned by Dan Barnett, communications manager at SHS.


puppy 2894

This handsome gang belongs to Mike Hattaway, chief pharmacist at SHS.


puppy 2882

Wonder how this dog got his name? This is Moose, owned by Greg Adams, SHS director of accounting.


puppy 1967

Meet Sweet Zion, owned by Nikki Shoals, SHS pharmacy supervisor

Feel free to share your puppy love with us on our Facebook page. Shouldn’t every day be puppy day?

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